The Perfect PO

  1. Company name (required)
  2. Shipping method: Ship via (required)
  3. Shipping method: Freight (required)
  4. Purchase order number (required)
  5. Quantity (required)
  6. Part number & revision (required)
  7. Part description (if available)
  8. Finish call-out, if any (required)
  9. Specification for welding, hardware, finishing etc. (if available/required)
  10. Material (required)
  11. Due date (accurate)
  12. Special notes:
    • If shipping collect, on the customers’ account, please make sure to provide the shipper account # to bill as well as the zip code associated with that shipping account number (if JR Metal Works does not have this correct information, we may not be able to ship the parts by the scheduled due date)
    • Finishing instructions
    • Special handling
    • Special packaging instructions
    • Documentation/Inspection requirements (Required by many aerospace/defense companies. Paperwork shows where material will be used for a project. e.g., MTRs (Material Test Reports) required, DFARS material required, Formal Inspection Report or FAI required, etc.)
  13. Price (if available)

***Note: If the part(s) need to fit into a close tolerance assembly, providing JR Metal Works with all details of the assembly, assembly prints, and assembly models helps ensure the parts will fit/function as intentioned.***

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