The Benefits of Working with Our One-Stop Prototype Machine Shop

prototype machine shop

Here at JR Metal Works, we’re mission-driven to establish ourselves as a dependable manufacturing partner for our customers by providing one-stop solutions that save you time, hassle, and unnecessary expenses.  

Serving industries from aerospace to defense to medical and beyond, we specialize in custom metal fabrication and machining along with several in-house finishing services, including: 

  • Tumbling
  • Sandblasting
  • Bead blasting
  • Graining
  • Part marking
  • Passivation
  • Powder coating

Very soon, our team will also offer in-house chemical conversion coating and anodizing!

Why Work with a One-Stop Prototype Machine Shop? 

Whether we perform all of your manufacturing services in-house or leverage the workmanship of a trusted partner shop, there are many advantages to choosing an ITAR machine shop like ours that is focused on streamlined services.

JR Metal Works’ single-shop approach promises these significant benefits: 

  • Your parts meet our exceptional quality standards from start to finish
  • You won’t waste days or weeks waiting for unknown third-party shops to send us your half-finished parts 
  • Your parts will always meet ITAR and AS9100 requirements, whether they’re made entirely in our shop or in partnership with one of our preferred vendor shops

Additionally, with JR Metal Works overseeing every aspect of your job—not just the machining or metal fabrication services—we’re equipped to identify and address any issues prior to finishing.

Support through Every Stage of Manufacturing

Our expanding in-house services are supported by our team’s expertise throughout every manufacturing stage, from prototype design to production machining to drop shipping.  

Benefit from the combined talents of our in-house designers and machine operators. Our team works collaboratively to ensure that your prototype is optimized for functionality and machinability. 

When your prototype is ready for a production run, you can rest assured that your parts will be as perfect in production as they were during the prototyping phase. JR Metal Works takes the initiative to eliminate potential problems in the early stages, saving you time, money, and frustration further down the line.

Enhanced Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of working with our one-stop shop is enhanced efficiency. With JR Metal Works overseeing your project from prototype to production, you’ll never be forced to navigate knowledge gaps between multiple shops. Our team’s deep knowledge of your part’s development will ensure consistent, quality production over and over again. 

We’ll inform you of any troubleshooting we perform so you can properly update your files for future orders. And should you need to reorder a part from a years-old production, our internal documentation allows us to pick up right where we left off, building your parts to your exacting specifications

Our thoroughly documented knowledge of your project gives us the necessary insights to make any custom metal fabrication changes you request and accurately impart your needs to one of our partner shops, if applicable.

It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Delivered

Everyone knows the dread of receiving a freight package that has clearly been mishandled. Opening your boxes to reveal damaged contents is nothing short of a nightmare—especially when you’re on a strict timeline with customers of your own to impress.

The packaging professionals at JR Metal Works take great pride in mindfully packing every part, securely crating your goods, and procuring top-tier transportation to get your freight to you unscathed. 

And should you need your parts or assemblies drop shipped directly to your customer, we can do that, too! Our attention to detail ensures your company is well-represented when shipping direct to your customer’s door.

Get custom metal fabrication, machining, and more from JR Metal Works’ one-stop shop. A secure online quote is just a few clicks away!

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