The Benefits of Working with Our One-Stop Prototype Machine Shop

prototype machine shop

Here at JR Metal Works, we’re mission-driven to establish ourselves as a dependable manufacturing partner for our customers by providing one-stop solutions that save you time, hassle, and unnecessary expenses.   Serving industries from aerospace to defense to medical and beyond, we specialize in custom metal fabrication and machining along with several in-house finishing services, including: 

New Hires Bring Wide Range of Skills to Fast-Growing JR Metal Works

JR Metal Works is a custom fabricator of sheet metal, pipe, and plate products. The company delivers solutions primarily for the aerospace, defense, medical, utilities, paper and construction industries. Creative insight, paired with an honest and reliable approach to metal fabrication, have helped JR Metal Works grow and double its revenue every year over the

How to Choose the Right Metal Fabrication Company for Your Product

A business’ reputation depends largely on the value of the products and services it provides to customers. By extension, the quality of work delivered by a metal fabricating partner becomes a reflection of your company. It’s a relationship that can influence everything, from the performance of your component to how often orders are delivered on

JR Metal Works Advances CNC Forming Capability with High-Speed, Electronic Press Brake

The rapid evolution of metal fabrication technology continuously presents JR Metal Works new opportunities to reduce lead times and deliver superior quality and consistency for customers. The custom metal fabricator recently capitalized on one of those opportunities with the acquisition and installation of the SafanDarley E-Brake 35T-1250, a press brake among the most accurate and

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