New Hires Bring Wide Range of Skills to Fast-Growing JR Metal Works

JR Metal Works is a custom fabricator of sheet metal, pipe, and plate products. The company delivers solutions primarily for the aerospace, defense, medical, utilities, paper and construction industries.

Creative insight, paired with an honest and reliable approach to metal fabrication, have helped JR Metal Works grow and double its revenue every year over the last three years. The increased business capital gave the company an opportunity to further enhance and expand its capabilities by welcoming several new employees into the fold.

This month, we’re kicking off a series of articles introducing some of JR Metal Works’ growing team to our partners. May’s spotlight features fabricators Jon Pilgrim and Alex Duffeck.

Graduating from Kewaunee High School in 2013, Jon came to JR Metal Works with strong math, conceptualization and problem-solving skills. He had little manufacturing experience but has caught on to all operations quickly.

Jon began working at JR Metal Works in September 2020 and quickly embraced the company’s collaborative and goal-oriented culture. His role as a fabricator includes running the waterjet cutter and marking machine, inspection, and hardware insertion.

It’s an honor to be a part of the JR Metal Works team. There is a lot of variety in the parts we’re fabricating day-to-day, and it’s energizing to know we’re serving vital industries, such as aerospace, defense and health care, that offer us the chance to expand and grow.
Jon Pilgrim, JR Metal Works fabricator

Outside of his time at JR Metal Works, Jon coaches football and shoots darts in competitions across the U.S. and “almost all over the world.”

Alex brings experience in volume manufacturing to JR Metal Works, and has quickly shown an impressive drive to learn and develop new skills. After graduating from Kewaunee High School, Alex worked as a fabricator at Vollrath. Hired by JR Metal Works in August 2020 as a fabricator, Alex is responsible for inspection, documentation, running the marking machine, and hardware insertion.

Always a team player, Alex has adapted well to JR Metal Works’ dynamic and fast-paced environment in the short amount of time he has been on the shop floor.

It didn’t take long to be impressed by the variety of the projects we tackle here at JR Metal Works. I’ve been immediately challenged and engaged, and Jesse’s hands-on way of managing the team is helping me quickly reach new levels of responsibility. It’s a rewarding environment to be in.
Alex Duffeck, JR Metal Works fabricator

In his spare time, Alex enjoys restoring/building things, reading, learning about engineering, and expanding what he calls his “ever-growing music library”.

Adding Jon and Alex to the JR Metal Works team is a testament to the custom metal fabrication company’s commitment to growth and continuous improvement. President Jesse Kleiman could not be more confident in all of his recent hires.

We are thrilled, and very fortunate, to have Alex and Jon on the JR Metal Works team during this dynamic time within the company. Their strong technical aptitude will be beneficial to our aggressive efforts to meet the fast-growing demands of the industries we serve. It’s exciting to think about what opportunities lie ahead for those who work here at JR Metal Works as well as our customers.
Jesse Kleiman , president of JR Metal Works

About JR Metal Works

Based in Kewaunee, WI, JR Metal Works offers turnkey metal fabrication services, including 3D digital modeling, CNC waterjet cutting, welding, CNC forming, hardware insertion, finishing operations, and assembly.  Its team takes immense pride in being honest and reliable while demonstrating creative problem solving when a business partner’s deadline is at stake. JR Metal Works treats customer challenges as if they were their own, and will do what it takes to deliver on time and on budget. The partnership is paramount. Every order, every time.

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