JR Metal Works Advances CNC Forming Capability with High-Speed, Electronic Press Brake

The rapid evolution of metal fabrication technology continuously presents JR Metal Works new opportunities to reduce lead times and deliver superior quality and consistency for customers. The custom metal fabricator recently capitalized on one of those opportunities with the acquisition and installation of the SafanDarley E-Brake 35T-1250, a press brake among the most accurate and productive on the market.

Press brakes are an essential tool in custom metal fabrication. Their incredible strength makes them capable of bending and shaping many tons of metal with precise repetition. A press brake achieves these preprogrammed bends by clamping a piece of metal between a matching punch and die. Around since the Industrial Revolution, these machines were once simpler, operated manually, and markedly unsafe to use.

The technology greatly improved in the 1950s with the advent of better hydraulics. To this day, hydraulic press brakes remain the most popular on the market. However, electronic varieties (like the SafanDarley E-Brake 35T-1250) are the most reliable and efficient.

Features of the SafanDarley E-Brake 35T-1250

Servo-Electronic Bending

The patented roller drive system in the upper beam ensures an even distribution of force. A balanced combination of powerful electro-motors, fixed and moveable rollers and specially-developed belts facilitate a capacity of 35 tons.  And with the strong, stable O-Frame acting as a single unit, deformation is minimized.

Shorter Cycle Time

With incredibly short reaction and stop time, the SafanDarley 35T-1250 can reach bending speeds of 48 inches/min. Comparison tests show it to be up to 30% faster than a conventional press brake.

Extremely Stable Back Gauge with CNC-Controlled X and R Axis

A back gauge that spans the entire width of the machine combined with an electronic control system makes the SafanDarley 35T-1250 extremely precise (0.0008 inches).

3D Programming

Using an imported 3D model, software automatically calculates the correct results, optimum bending sequence, stop positions, and optimum tool setup with as few manipulations as possible. The simulation checks the entire bending process and generates all of the offset data, ensuring product accuracy from the get-go.

The design program includes a simulation and control module for using the press brake that can be remote-controlled. This maximizes productivity by limiting the time at which the machine is at a standstill.

Electrically-Driven E-Mate Bending Aids

The E-Mate bending aids prevent angle deviation when thin sheets with large dimensions are bent. It provides the operator with a simple and ergonomic way to remain within set angle tolerances.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the new SafanDarley 35T-1250 allows it to function as one with the operators at JR Metal Works. The operator is partially seated inside the machine, surrounded by the edging table with his or her legs in a cut-away underneath the lower beam with the foot pedal. This enables high output for extended periods, allowing for larger quantities to be produced in a shorter time frame.

Eco-Conscious Technology, Low CO2 Emission

The main drive motor only fires when the SafanDarley 35T-1250 performs a movement. This can cut energy use by up to half when compared to conventional hydraulic press brakes and their continually-running pump motors.

The absence of hydraulics means no use of environmentally-harmful oil, or potentially unreliable tank, pump, seals, valves and filters. JR Metal Works operators will never have to deal with a cold start.

Two applications can also be run on a single display, enabling a paperless working environment.

Technical Specifications
Pressing Force in US TonWorking Length in InchesMaximum Stroke in InchesQ-Dimension in InchesClosing Speed in Inch/MinBending Speed Max.* in Inch/MinReturn Speed in Inch/MinMotor Power in kW
Technical Specifications

Pressing Force in US Ton: 39
Working Length in Inches: 50
Maximum Stroke in Inches: 12
Q-Dimension in Inches: 23
Closing Speed in Inch/Min: 449
Bending Speed Max.* in Inch/Min: 48*
Return Speed in Inch/Min: 449
Motor Power in kW: 11

In addition to the SafanDarley 35T-1250, JR Metal Works also added a Baileigh Industrial single-pinch hydraulic plate roll. With three driven rolls, the machine cuts down on forming time and increases productivity.

Both the new press brake and hydraulic plate roll will be used by the JR Metal Works team to complete projects that range from small brackets to rolled tanks.

“Our culture of continuous improvement always keeps us in pursuit of excellence and a competitive edge within the industry,” said Jesse Kleiman, president of JR Metal Works. “This investment is just another step forward in that pursuit. The new technology plays a pivotal role in our custom metal fabrication process, ensuring our capacity meets the needs of customers now and well into the future.”

JR Metal Works is ready to put its new technology to work for you! Request a quote online or call (920) 639-2268 today.

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