Enhancing Our DFM Support Services to Better Serve Customers

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On every page of our website, we proclaim our promise to deliver excellence to each and every customer, helping them save time and money while obtaining personal service and exceptional parts.

Our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) support provides the most significant impact out of all our specialty customer services. Customers who tap into our in-house engineering expertise resolve their design challenges quickly and correctly, slashing their costs and lead times and achieving unmatched quality.

Are you ready to learn more?

DFM = Efficiency and Speed

Design for Manufacturing is exactly what it sounds like: parts designed with their manufacturing processes always in mind. DFM practices help engineers bridge the gap between what they can draw and what we can make. 

JR Metal Works’ DFM support includes:

  • Ongoing DFM tips and insights to educate customers 
  • Design recommendations that make the most of our shop’s expertise
  • Feedback on existing part designs so that customers can implement improvements immediately

With our DFM support, engineering teams can verify the manufacturability of their part design at every turn, enabling efficiency and speed when they’re ready for production.

DFM drives sustained success

The best time to incorporate DFM best practices is now. The sooner you talk to our team, the fewer design concerns you’ll face later! And like all learning, once you know, you know. DFM never expires or goes out of style, meaning you get to carry what you learn into the future, strengthening your products and your company.

Before making your next request for metal fabrication services, welding, laser cutting, CNC machining services, assembly, or other services, contact us. Together, we’ll identify DFM solutions that make your parts easier and faster to manufacture down the road.

DFM ensures excellence

We rarely meet a part design we can’t improve upon, not because so many designs are “wrong” but because collaboration is truly the key to successful manufacturing—and we’re deeply committed to developing enduring partnerships that promote the efficient manufacturing of top-quality parts.

DFM isn’t a set of hard, fast rules. It’s a collaborative approach to manufacturing that considers the totality of our two companies’ requirements and capabilities. 

When we understand your requirements, and you understand our capabilities, we can make sure you get the most from your engagement with us with DFM guidance tailored to each project.

*NEW* Support Programs Are Coming for JR Metal Works Customers!

DFM support has always been foundational to our shop’s services. Now, we’re formalizing a comprehensive assortment of elite customer programs that will make it easier than ever for you to design parts with manufacturability in mind and get your completed parts as quickly as possible.

Coming soon: DFM support subscriptions

We can’t wait to launch our brand new subscription-based DFM program and provide on-demand engineering support for all your product development questions and concerns. DFM program subscribers will enjoy personalized design guidance that improves efficiency, resulting in lower costs and shorter lead times. 

Coming soon: Priority manufacturing

Our soon-to-launch priority program will grant expedited manufacturing and shipping to members—automatically, every time. From CNC machining services to metal fabrication services and beyond, program members will get their parts faster—guaranteed.

If you want your parts built faster and shipped sooner, this program is what you’ve been waiting for!

We’re serious about solutions

Our upcoming support programs have been carefully crafted to help you get the best parts possible—and have the best experience with our team. We’ll even be announcing savings solutions for customers who opt into both programs!

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We can’t wait to be part of your success!

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