An Overview of Our ITAR-Compliant Finishing Services

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At JR Metal Works, we’re on a mission to become THE , one-stop shop for custom pipe, plate, and sheet metal fabrication services, CNC machining services, and beyond! Our latest expansion includes a wide range of in-house metal finishing options that allow us to provide unbeatable quality and lightning-fast lead times.

Lightning-Fast Lead Times

Speed is truly where the rubber meets the road in our shop. By performing finishing services in-house, we maintain a streamlined process, advancing your parts quickly from manufacturing processes to finishing operations. 

For nearly 90% of our customers, JR Metal Works provides completed parts at half the lead time required by other shops. That means slashing a 14-day lead time to only seven or a four-week lead time to only two. And with unmatched expedite solutions, you’re guaranteed to get your parts when you need them.

Unbeatable Quality 

We’re not afraid to brag: our finishing services are second to none. We offer high-level expertise and welcome even the most challenging projects. When other shops say no, JR Metal Works says yes! 

JR Metal Works is also one of the very few ITAR-registered finishing shops. We provide comprehensive sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and finishing services that comply with ITAR regulations.

By offering key finishing services in-house, we retain total control over your project’s outcome, ensuring all finishes meet the same rigorous quality standards as the build itself.

Metal Finishing Services at JR Metal Works

Following sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining services, or any of our other capabilities, your parts will almost certainly require finishing services to achieve the desired appearance, performance, and durability.

JR Metal Works offers a wide (and growing!) range of in-house metal finishing options plus additional finishing services from our verified partner network.

In-house metal finishing services

Our finishing equipment accommodates parts as small as a penny and as large as 10’L x 4’W x 6’H that weigh up to 500 pounds.

Tumbling. During tumbling, parts are placed into a vibratory machine that tumbles/vibrates and rotates the product in abrasive media. This smoothes rough surfaces and breaks all sharp corners on the product. Vibratory deburr is more suitable for parts requiring safe handling, such as department of defense items and precision parts for the medical industry. Benefits of tumbling include: 

  • Enhanced safety (no need to worry about cutting your hand on sharp edges!)
  • Fewer rejected parts
  • Improved appearance and performance
  • Better durability

Sandblasting. Sandblasted parts are pressure-sprayed with a sand-like abrasive material that cleans, shapes, and alters the smoothness or roughness of a part’s surface. Benefits of sandblasting include: 

  • Easier assembly
  • Excellent bonding between a coating and the part’s surface
  • Wear-resistance 

Bead blasting. Bead blasting is an eco-friendly and cost-efficient abrasive process that utilizes tiny, round pellets frequently made of glass to create a matte finish. Benefits of bead blasting include: 

  • Brighter surface appearance
  • Gentle finishing for more delicate parts
  • Enhanced durability

Line graining. Performed with a belt grinder, line graining creates a uniform, linear pattern on the part’s surface, preparing it for paint and reducing the appearance of imperfections. Benefits of line graining include: 

  • Reduced surface porosity 
  • Fingerprint-free surface
  • Softened edges for safer handling 

Laser part marking. This process employs laser technology to apply permanent surface marks such as serial numbers, bar codes, QR codes, brand logos, sequential numbers, and more. Benefits of laser marking include: 

  • Error-free assembly
  • Efficiency in the event of a recall 
  • Lifetime traceability

Passivation. Primarily applied to ferrous metals, this chemical treatment eliminates surface contaminants and removes even the smallest traces of iron and carbon from the part’s surface without physically altering the material’s properties. Benefits of passivation include: 

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Reduced part maintenance
  • Extended part longevity

Powder coating. Available in many colors and types, powder coating leverages an electrostatic charge to first dry-paint and then heat-cure parts for various functional, protective, and aesthetic purposes. Benefits of powder coating include: 

  • Drip-free, uniform paint coating
  • Resistance to scratches, chips, corrosion, and fading
  • Extended part longevity

We’re also in the process of bringing anodizing services in-house. Stay tuned for more on that! 

Outsourced metal finishing services

Through our trusted finishing partners, JR Metal Works offers an extended range of surface finish solutions, including:  

  • Anodizing (chromic, sulfuric, and hard)
  • Bright dip
  • Chem film (also called Alodine or Iridite)
  • Chromate
  • Copper
  • Electroless nickel
  • Electropolishing
  • Nickel sulfamate
  • Painting
  • Plating
  • Silk screening
  • Teflon
  • Zinc

One-Stop Solutions for Sheet Metal Fabrication, Finishing, and Beyond

We’re known for our exceptional sheet metal fabrication services, but our manufacturing solutions don’t stop there. If JR Metal Works doesn’t provide a particular service in-house, we have a partner shop that does! We can fully manage your manufacturing process from RFQ to delivery—no matter what you need.

Complete your next project with the experts at JR Metal Works. Contact us for a custom quote!

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