Presenting JR Utilities, a division of JR Metal Works, specializing in delivering solutions to the natural gas and utilities industry. Our dedication to quick turnarounds and adherence to strict specifications and standards have made us a trusted name for parts and fabrication in gas meter sets and other utilities-related parts.


  • API 1104-certified welding crews
  • Digital, serialized pressure tests
  • 94.2% on-time delivery rate

Our Utility Offerings

Whether you’re looking for standard gas meter sets or custom tools and projects, JR Utilities’ products keep the energy flowing.
We manufacture numerous products for the utilities industry, including:

  • Header Pipe (Multiple Drop Manifolds)
  • Protection Posts
  • Meter Mounting Kits with U-Bolts
  • Meter Mounting Posts and Brackets
  • Meter Set Attachment Brackets and Templates
  • Meter Set Protection (Meter Shelters)
  • Riser Brackets
  • Trench Safety Items
  • Go-/No-Go Gauges
  • Pipe Support Mounts
  • Curb Valve Tools
  • Main Valve Stands
  • Halo Valves
  • Pipe Monkey (Adjustable Pipe Straddle Work Platform)
  • Pipe Rollers
  • Adjustable Pipe Stands
  • Vaults
  • Kerotest, Broen, and AY McDonald Products

Metering and Other Custom Fabrication Components and Assembly Available Upon Request.

A Knowledgeable, Certified Team

The JR Metal Works team is experienced in the utility products they make. Our welders are certified for API 1104 welding code and are tested every six months to ensure constant improvement and continued training. Employees are cross-trained, allowing for greater flexibility on the manufacturing floor and keeping our
projects on track, no matter the circumstances.

Complete Solutions, On Time

We maintain constant contact with our utility projects, leading to higher quality, shorter lead times, and reliable delivery dates. Unlike competitors who ship their parts to separate facilities for finishing or testing, we’re able to complete every part under our own team’s watchful eye.  

All work is performed at our primary facility to ensure we’re able to meet our agreed-upon delivery dates, no questions asked. JR Metal Works maintains a 94.2% on-time delivery rate.

Quality Control

There’s no room for error in the world of utilities. That’s why JR Metal Works stands by every single part on our meters and other utilities projects. Our strict quality control and computerized
testing equipment allow us to closely manage our products for functionality and uniformity, getting the job done right the first time, without flaw. Additionally, we certify our products to customer
specification and log pressure tests with their serialized parts.

Meter Testing

Every JR Metal Works meter assembly is individually tested to ensure a perfect seal without leaks. We pressurize the meter and connect a digital chart recorder to monitor any pressure drops or changes that could signal a leak. This data is logged into our systems, associated directly with the serial number for its respective meter, and stored for future reference, giving each piece a traceable link to its quality checks. Our method is more efficient and accurate than manual checks and leads to the highest levels of quality on every single meter.

Faster, More Reliable Lead Times

Unlike other manufacturers who overload their schedules and create backlogs, we believe in doing the job right and completing it on the
timetables we agree upon.

We bring a passion to our fabrications that you’ll notice and have the skills to back it up. Demonstrated dedication and real-time reliability: that’s the JR Metal Works way.

From aerospace fabrication to utilities solutions and everything in between, we offer an array of solutions to our customers. Our capabilities include:

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