The aerospace, defense and medical industries need equipment that meets the strictest safety and performance standards. Demands in these industries can often arise quickly and without warning, requiring a custom metal fabrication partner that delivers parts with strict tolerances and precise measurements on a tight schedule.

Based in Kewaunee, WI, JR Metal Works is a one-stop custom fabricator of sheet metal, pipe, and plate product. Its team thrives on tackling challenging projects that push the standard of quality and turnaround time to the limit.

Turnkey Solutions

JR Metal Works’ full range of custom metal fabrication capabilities eliminate costly and inconvenient handoffs.  Projects can be completed through JR Metal Works, in their entirety: from 3D digital modeling, CNC waterjet cutting, welding, and CNC forming straight through hardware insertion, finishing, assembly and shipping.

Being closely tied to health and safety, medical equipment and their parts must be created with a level of precision that is completely free of imperfections and contamination. It is projects like this in which the benefits of the company’s clean facility and one-stop methodology are clearly apparent.

3D Modeling

JR Metal Works supports customers at every stage of the metal fabrication process. Its design team often begins working with partners in the early stages of product development. This collaborative approach reduces lead times and improves the accuracy of finished products.

CNC Waterjet Cutting

JR Metal Works uses CNC waterjet cutting during the metal fabrication process to make clean, precise parts. CNC waterjet cutting is the preferred method of metal cutting when materials are sensitive to high temperatures or surface stress. Unlike laser and plasma cutting technologies, heat is not a byproduct. In addition, the material is not physically altered while an edge is being cut, so warping and distortion are avoided.


Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to safety and quality, JR Metal Works has earned some of the top certifications in the aerospace, defense and medical industries, including:

ITAR Registered

National and technology security are of utmost importance to JR Metal Works. Its team is proud to serve the United States Armed Forces and is well versed in all International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to prevent defense-related data and technology from falling into the wrong hands.

AS9100 Certification

JR Metal Works’ quality management system meets standards set in place with the unique challenges of aviation, space and defense in mind.

Welding Certifications

  • D1.1 Structural welding code – Steel Plate
  • API 1104 Welding Code – Steel Pipe

Quality Assurance Through the Latest Scheduling Software

Behind the countless components JR Metal Works fabricates for the aerospace, defense and medical industries is a knowledgeable and responsive team that operates on the core belief that quality is the top pursuit for each and every phase of a project. E2 Quality Management Software is utilized to that end, tracking orders from beginning to completion, preserving every budget and schedule. The software gives team members total visibility, presenting manufacturing and material delivery schedules, project statuses, and more.

A dedicated inspector maintains JR Metal Works’ quality standards, repeatability of results, and continual improvement. Its fabrication process is optimized for achieving tight tolerances when required.

Precision Parts ON TIME

It’s a common pledge in manufacturing that is less commonly put into practice. JR Metal Works stakes its reputation on fulfilling the purchase order on YOUR schedule. After a timeline is established, employees make every effort to meet deadlines.

Your Next Big Project Starts with JR Metal Works

Just being “good enough” isn’t an option when lives are on the line. The team at JR Metal Works never takes its critical role serving the aerospace, defense and medical industries for granted. The small business (with fewer than 500 employees) takes immense pride in being upfront and reliable while creatively solving problems to meet customer deadlines without breaking their budget. Its team’s complete commitment builds business relationships for the long term.

Ready to partner with a custom fabricator that doesn’t miss a deadline? Contact JR Metal Works today to learn more about the company’s capabilities in the aerospace, defense and medical industries.  

Creating THE top-notch employee environment that delivers a next-level customer experience

Unsure how to take your next project from idea to implementation? JR Metal Works will use its creative design team and technology to bring your vision to life!

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