Our Culture is our Competitive Advantage

JR Metal Works’ Foundational Principles

JR Metal Works was founded to be much more than just another fabrication shop. We saw an opportunity to improve the lives of its employees, customers, vendors, community, and everyone else the business touches. When we thought about how many people cross paths with JR Metal Works and its people, we realized that we have an obligation to make a measurable, positive impact on the world. To aid in making that impact overwhelmingly positive, we created a tagline, mission statement, and core values to serve as our true north to guide us. We strive each day, in every interaction, to live by these principles and make sure to have the overwhelmingly positive impact on the world that we strive for.

Our Tagline:
Demonstrated Dedication – Real Time Reliability

Our Mission:
Creating THE top-notch employee environment that delivers a next level customer experience

Core Values – We make ALL our decisions day to day by these. They are our true north:

Loyal to the team and mission

Stay loyal to the team and dedicated to the mission.

Integrity, always

Uncompromised integrity with due regard

Always demonstrate urgency

Demonstrate urgency while maintaining quality.

Be open minded

Be confident in what you know, but open to new ideas.

Always growing

Driven to always be my best to achieve team success

Maintain (PMA)

Be upright and take others with you. Being part of the team at JR Metal Works is not a job, it’s a lifestyle that is centered around us all being the best we can be and having fun while we do it!

Excellence is in the details

Exceeding customer expectations through acute attention to detail

Go the extra mile

Take the extra steps to create an experience that is unforgettable. DON’T WAIT, get after it!

EVERYONE matters

Communication is key – no voice too small.

Communicate with empathy

Verbalize your words and actions with compassion and empathy. Be empathetic – you never know what someone else is going through.

Lead from the front

Be the person you want to see. Being a leader is about giving more than you take.

Put in the work

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Be disciplined and hold the line

Be disciplined in all aspects of life, holding yourself and others to the highest of standards.

Own the outcome

Always accept accountability, acknowledging that you can always do something to better the result.

Be a friend

Be a friend to fellow team members, customers, vendors, and everyone you encounter. You never know, you might be the one there when they need it the most.

Be proud

Be proud to work at JR Metal Works, be proud to be in manufacturing, be proud to be an American!

Through these core values, there is a sense of community and belonging among our team members. But, you don’t have to take our word for it!

Learn what it’s like to work at JR Metal Works from the people who know best:

“It didn’t take long to be impressed by the variety of the projects we tackle here at JR Metal Works. I’ve been immediately challenged and engaged, and Jesse’s hands-on way of managing the team is helping me quickly reach new levels of responsibility. It’s a rewarding environment to be in.” – Alex Duffeck, Fabricator

“It’s an honor to be a part of the JR Metal Works team. There is a lot of variety in the parts I’m cutting day-to-day, and it’s energizing to know we’re serving vital industries, such as aerospace, defense and health care, that offer us the chance to expand and grow.” – Jon Pilgrim, Fabricator

If you’re innovator with a competitive spirit, you can thrive as a member of the JR Metal Works’ unique team and culture. Explore current openings and apply online today!

The JR Metal Works team takes immense pride in being honest and reliable while demonstrating creative problem solving when a business partner’s deadline is at stake. Its team treats your challenges as if they were their own, and will do what it takes to deliver on time and on budget. For JR Metal Works, the partnership is paramount. Every order, every time.

Unsure how to take your next project from idea to implementation? JR Metal Works will use its creative design team and technology to bring your vision to life!

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