Many parts require the insertion of specialized metal tooling, which JR Metal Works offers on-site as a one-stop custom fabricator.

Genuine Pemserter Hardware Insertion Technology

With a genuine Pemserter hardware insertion press at its disposal, JR Metal Works’ skilled and experienced production team installs a wide range of self-clinching fasteners into metal components. Some examples of these fasteners include but are not limited to:

  • Self-clinching nuts
  • Stand offs
  • Pins
  • Threaded studs
  • Floating self-clinching nuts
  • Captive screws
  • And more!

This clean technology ensures fasteners are inserted rapidly, accurately and consistently, minimizing the risk of missing or incorrect hardware. Parts are fabricated faster and delivered sooner. JR Metal Works can scale production to handle hardware insertion projects of almost any size.

JR Metal Works’ Hardware Insertion Technology

Genuine Pemserter Machine

  • 6 tons of force
  • 18” of throat depth

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