CNC Waterjet Cutting

JR Metal Works uses CNC waterjet cutting during the metal fabrication process to make clean, precise parts from a variety of materials, such as steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber and more!

The computerized technology mixes a concentrated, high-velocity jet of water with an abrasive, granular substance to create a powerful and versatile cut used in various industrial applications.

JR Metal Works’ CNC Waterjet Cutting at a Glance:
  • Flow Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Table/Cutting area size: 6’ 6” x 13’
  • Z Axis Travel: 8”
  • Cutting Accuracy: +-.005”
  • Linear Accuracy (in 3 ft): +-.005”
  • Repeatability Accuracy: +-.002”

Advantages of CNC Waterjet Cutting

CNC waterjet cutting is the preferred method of metal cutting when materials are sensitive to high temperatures or surface stress. Unlike laser and plasma cutting technologies, heat is not a byproduct of waterjet cutting. While the process is underway, the material is not physically altered, so warping and distortion are avoided along the edge of the cut. Using a CNC waterjet cutter can also speed the turnaround of a project, because the finished cut does not need any heat-affected material removed, and the component can be advanced immediately to JR Metal Works’ welding operations.

Modern CNC-Operated Technology

JR Metal Works’ CNC waterjet cutting system uses multi-axis cutting heads and can be preprogrammed with design parameters through CAM software. Cuts are made at a high speed using a project’s exact specifications for maximum precision. Also, the CNC waterjet cutting technology reduces setup time and unnecessary costs because it requires minimal fixturing and tooling.

Environmentally-Friendly Metal Cutting

Waterjet cutting maintains a steady temperature and does not create excess heat, a benefit to the environment because minimal material is lost, and no hazardous waste is produced in the process.

CNC Waterjet Cutting Applications

JR Metal Works’ CNC waterjet cutting is a highly-precise process ideal for producing custom, complex components or any application conducted under strict quality regulations. The service is used in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, and utilities.

Offering 3D digital modeling, CNC waterjet cutting, welding, CNC forming, hardware insertion, finishing operations, and assembly, JR Metal Works is the only source needed for design and custom metal fabrication. Contact JR Metal Works today to request a quote.

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