CNC Laser Cutting

In industries that place the highest value on precision and quality, laser cutting is a critical production asset. JR Metal Works uses CNC laser technology that cuts clean with remarkable speed and accuracy, making it the preferred choice for a variety of projects and a wide range of materials.

JR Metal Works’ CNC Laser Cutting at a Glance:
  • Table Capacity:
    10′ x 5′

  • X Travel: 120″

  • Y Travel: 60″

  • Z Travel: 4.5″
  • Accuracy: 0.004
  • Repeatability: 0.001
  • Max Position Speed X & Y Axis: 4,724 IPM

  • Maximum Material Thickness: .875”

How Does CNC Laser Cutting Work?

CNC laser cutting is a thermal cutting process that utilizes a highly-concentrated light beam with enough power to burn through sheet or plate metal. A numerically controlled (.NC) file feeds X and Y axis coordinates into the CNC laser to direct the beam’s movement. It heats, melts, and vaporizes the material along the pre-programmed path, resulting in tight tolerances, complex profiles, and smooth edges.

Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting

Precision: The laser’s highly-focused beam can cut intricate shapes with incredible detail and accuracy. JR Metal Works’ laser cutting technology is highly automated, so once a cutting file is created, all parts will replicate the original design with virtually no variation.

Traveling at speeds of up to 4,724 inches per minute, JR Metal Works’ laser technology cuts quickly to deliver parts quickly!

Shorter lead times: Lasers don’t wear out like other cutting tools do. For this reason, there is no need to replace tooling in the middle of a process. Edges are also smooth and clean, needing little production after the fact. Both qualities save time.

Cost efficiency through less waste: Laser cutting delivers sharper corners and very narrow kerf widths, yielding more parts per sheet and maximizing the use of material.

JR Metal Works’ CNC Laser Cutting Technology and Capabilities

JR Metal Works’ 3000 Watt Trumpf 2030 delivers fast, efficient production on materials ranging from .015 to 1 inch thick and handles large runs with ease. The 3-axis machine can cut any shape or profile, and it can run 24/7 due to sophisticated CNC technology and self-loading and unloading capabilities.

JR Metal Works provides CNC laser cutting as part of its full-service metal fabrication capabilities and as a standalone service.

JR Metal Works: A Cut Above the Rest

JR Metal Works commonly provides laser cutting services to clients in the aerospace, defense, medical, and utilities industries, all of which demand quality precision parts machined quickly and often on a large scale.

And JR Metal Works doesn’t stop at CNC laser cutting. The custom metal fabrication company offers 3D digital modeling, CNC waterjet cutting, welding, CNC forming, hardware insertion, finishing operations, and assembly. Offering complete solutions, JR Metal Works prevents communication hassles and shipping delays by eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Countless customers can attest their project was in capable hands, from design to delivery. Contact JR Metal Works today to request a quote!

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