The exact angles and complex geometries in metal forming can be difficult to achieve, but JR Metal Works has the experience and top-tier CNC technology to make the difficult look routine.  The custom fabricator’s wide variety of tooling means no part or project is off the table. The JR Metal Works team stands ready to form metal for nearly application, from intricate components used within aerospace computer technology to heavy-duty subcomponents needed in the heavy equipment industry.

JR Metal Works’ Forming Technology

Press brakes and plate rolling machines are essential tools in custom metal fabrication. Focused operators use the machines’ incredible strength to bend, shape, and round many tons of metal with pinpoint accuracy.

JR Metal Works’ press brakes and hydraulic plate roll have been used by the team to complete projects that range from small brackets to rolled tanks.

JR Metal Works’ CNC Forming at a Glance

Press Brake Capacities

  • 135 Ton Capacity
  • 10’ Length Capacity
  • Fully Automatic CNC Backgauge

Rolling Capacities

  • Minimum Material Thickness: .015”
  • Maximum Material Thickness: .1875”
  • Minimum Material Width: .25”
  • Maximum Material Width: 48”
  • Minimum Rolled Ring ID: 1”
  • Maximum Rolled Ring ID: 8’
  • Capable of rolling cone shapes
  • Capable of forming complex shapes that require a combination of press brake and roll work on the same part

JR Metal Works’ Press Brakes

SafanDarley E-Brake 35T-125

The Safran Darley E-Brake 35T-125 press brake is amongst the most accurate and productive on the market.

Machine highlights:

Shorter cycle time

With incredibly short reaction and stop time, the SafanDarley 35T-1250 can reach bending speeds of 48 inches/min. Comparison tests clock it up to 30% faster than a conventional press brake.

Extremely stable back gauge with CNC-controlled X and R axis

A back gauge that spans the entire width of the machine, combined with an electronic control system, makes the SafanDarley 35T-1250 extremely precise (0.0008 inches).

3D programming

Using an imported 3D model, software automatically calculates the correct bending sequence, stop positions, and optimum tool setup with the fewest manipulations possible. The simulation checks the entire bending process and generates all of the offset data, ensuring product accuracy from the very beginning.

The design program includes a simulation and control module for using the press brake that can be remote-controlled. This maximizes productivity by reducing when the machine is at a standstill.

Electrically-driven E-Mate bending aids

The E-Mate bending aids prevent angle deviation when thin sheets with large dimensions are being worked. The aides provide the operator with a simple and ergonomic way to keep within set angle tolerances.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the SafanDarley 35T-1250 enables high output for extended periods. The operator is partially seated inside the machine, surrounded by the edging table with his or her legs in a cut-away underneath the lower beam with the foot pedal. This comfortable position allows for larger quantities to be produced in a shorter time frame.

JR Metal Works’ Plate Rolling Machines

Baileigh Industrial Single-Pinch Hydraulic Plate Roll

With three driven rolls, the machine cuts down on forming time and increases productivity.

  • 4’ forming width
  • Can bend 9-gauge mild steel into a 7” ring on its full length
  • Digital readout shows the position of the back roll for easy repeatability
  • Full steel frame, machined to exacting tolerances, maintains accuracy and prevents deflection


JR Metal Works offers CNC precision bending of the following materials:

  • Steel and Steel Alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

  • Sheet, Pipe, Plate, and Structural Shapes
  • Titanium
  • Other materials available upon request

JR Metal Works offers a comprehensive range of custom fabrication services, with CNC forming among its many specialties. From design to delivery, JR Metal Works is ready to tackle any project no matter its size or complexity.

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