Group-1.png JR Metal Works ALWAYS acts in the best interest of the CUSTOMER—even if it means recommending a competitor.

If we can’t make a part the way you want, we’ll say so and immediately offer in-house alternatives with pricing estimates. If we can’t manufacture a variation of your original design, we’ll waste no time directing you to someone who can. By delivering the TRUTH first and foremost, we build the kind of trust that is far more valuable than any single order.

Group-2.png JR Metal Works handles all custom metal fabrication orders with precision and speed.

Our project portfolio encompasses a wide variety of industries and includes large, intricate assemblies weighing thousands of pounds to a single, lightweight bracket weighing under a pound. Our experienced team thrives on delivering one-of-a-kind components and assemblies; however, we can scale production to meet high-volume needs as well.

Group-3.png JR Metal Works delivers QUALITY parts ON TIME.

It’s a common pledge in manufacturing that is less commonly put into practice. We stake our reputation on fulfilling the purchase order on YOUR schedule. After a timeline is established, we make every effort to meet all deadlines, even if it affects OUR bottom line in a negative way. We keep our word; we are dedicated to building a relationship for the long term.

Group-4.png JR Metal Works thinks ahead to save you money.

By proactively adding technology to our company, we’re ahead of the curve on cutting costs, increasing efficiencies and trimming turnaround time–which all adds up to a quality component arriving right when you need it.

Group-5.png JR Metal Works believes a quality product starts with quality people.

We seek employees with good character, pay them well, and foster a feeling of family. Step into our facility and feel the difference. Our happy employees have a strong work ethic, high morale and little reason to look elsewhere. Neither should you, because those qualities keep overhead low and costs down.

Group-6.png JR Metal Works leverages specialty skill and a wide variety of on-hand equipment and tooling to complete complex prototype jobs under tight deadlines.

Our extensive in-stock tooling selection enables us to efficiently complete the intricate, custom jobs that could otherwise be very difficult to source. Avoiding the need for outside tooling orders keeps the project on time and improves your bottom line. Great relationships with vendors and extensive knowledge in logistics and manufacturing aids our ability to fulfill expedited service requests from our customers. Our impressive quality and on-time delivery metrics are evidence of our employees’ unprecedented level of hands-on experience with these quick-turn prototype jobs.

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Creating THE top-notch employee environment that delivers a next-level customer experience

Unsure how to take your next project from idea to implementation? JR Metal Works will use its creative design team and technology to bring your vision to life!

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