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Some of the world’s most notable companies share similar, humble beginnings. You can’t build something big without starting small. Like Microsoft, Google and Harley Davidson before it, JR Metal Works was founded in a garage.  Humility and hard work were the cornerstones of a strong foundation that allowed owner Jesse Kleiman to build toward bigger and better in a short span of time.

“When I was in high school, I always wanted to have a shop,” says Jesse. “I started working out of my dad’s garage and was able to secure a contract building piping assemblies, but I knew my dream couldn’t continue as side work. So, I took the plunge and made the business my number one priority. When presented with an opportunity, I never say no. It’s just the way I am wired.”

During the first years of doing business, sales doubled each year, and JR Metal Works quickly established a reputation of uncompromising integrity and reliability. That commitment to quality allowed the custom metal fabrication company to grow its capabilities and customer base, moving to its new facility in Kewaunee in 2017.

Today, JR Metal Works is positioned as a one-stop custom fabricator of sheet metal, pipe, and plate product. Serving customers across the U.S., Jesse continues to set ambitious goals, hold the company to high standards, and foster a fierce commitment to JR Metal Works’ customers, no matter the impact on the bottom line. 

Single-Source Custom Fabrication Convenience

To help its partners streamline their supply chain and shorten lead times, JR Metal Works has positioned itself as a full-service metal fabricator. JR Metal Works has the experience and equipment to deliver the following custom fabrication services and more:

Design Expertise to Solve Production Challenges

JR Metal Works’ computer-aided design experts collaborate with customers to solve complex metal fabrication challenges and ensure the most cost-effective design.

3D digital modeling enhances communication with the customer and allows easy design changes throughout the process. During the modeling process, JR Metal Works is able to offer insight into how its lean manufacturing methods can drive down product cost and lead times.

Industries Served

While JR Metal Works serves a diverse and growing number of customers, it routinely works with the following industry sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Utilities

Increased Efficiency Through the Latest Scheduling Software

JR Metal Works utilizes a software program to comprehensively track every phase of the metal fabrication process—from the initial quote through shipping—keeping orders on budget and on time. The software gives team members total visibility, presenting manufacturing and material delivery schedules, project statuses, and more.

Award-Winning Quality

JR Metal Works’ dedication to quality and reliability has been recognized with an Excellence in Manufacturing Award in both 2019 and 2020.

As a repeat award winner, JR Metal Works represents the top tier in a nationwide network of more than 2,500 manufacturing partners based on their performance in delivering high-quality parts on time.

Customer Commitment

The JR Metal Works team takes immense pride in being honest and reliable while demonstrating creative problem solving when a business partner’s deadline is at stake. Its team treats your challenges as if they were their own, and will do what it takes to deliver on time and on budget. For JR Metal Works, the partnership is paramount.  Every order, every time.

Ready to partner with a custom fabricator that doesn’t miss a deadline? Contact JR Metal Works today to learn more about the difference its team brings to every project.

Creating THE top-notch employee environment that delivers a next-level customer experience

Unsure how to take your next project from idea to implementation? JR Metal Works will use its creative design team and technology to bring your vision to life!

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